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Create a sample graph with just one click! The process is now smoother and gives you more options for creating graphs, including background and text colors, and resolution. The data include consumption, expenditures, and prices for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the US as a whole. Include any sector of the economy. Select any fuels. Design your own graph in a user-friendly environment.

Create a sample graph with just one click! Track the prices of gasoline and highway diesel from week to week, creating graphs that show long- or short-term trends. Select multiple grades, formulations, and locations to follow. Locations include many cities and states, as well as regions defined by the US Department of Energy, and the US as a whole.
Note: This site uses publicly available data from the Energy Information Administration, part of the US Department of Energy. It is not otherwise associated with any department or office of the US Government.

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